This project is about helping developers to make environmentally friendly choices, regarding their stacks and applications.

This project is born from a collaboration between the SDIA and Boavizta.


You estimate the environmental impacts of your application during a the execution of test scenario in Gitlab CI.

The pitch

Softaware test bench

The Softaware test bench is the component that allow estimating the environmental impacts of your application during the tests.


  1. The scenario is written as a Gitlab CI script. It has to be a black box test (i.e. run from outside your application).
  2. Your application under test has to be containerized. It will be exposed as a Gitlab-ci service and tested from outside.
  3. Your need to use a specific Gitlab runner. This runner runs on a physical machine (no VM). This is necessary to retrieve environmental metrics (like power consumption) during the test.

High level view

You can use the provided docker-compose to configure and register a specific Gitlab runner that will allow measurement.


Here's how you could navigate this documentation :

  • Tutorials allow you to walkthrough the solution with guidance. This could be a first approach to discover and learn about what's provided.
  • How-to guides are the right section for you if you want to perform a special setup or run this project in a specific way and look for a well defined procedure.
  • Explanations are here to provide deeper clarifications about what's going under de hood on when you use this project.
  • References are options, features and flags references, for those who want to expertedly tweak tiny bits of configuration to get a fine tuned setup.

Contributors and sponsors

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